Private Parts

The podcast that's not afraid to go there.


Episode 14:

Friend Request

Zoe lives in Israel and Iman lives in Dubai, they're both 16 and they're friends but they're never met. 

This episode is about the perspectives of two young women growing up in the Middle East today. 

This episode was produced by Irit Pollak. Theme music by Brian Senti.





Episode 13:
Bearing Witness

We've all been a bystander in one way or another. This episode is about those moments when a stranger needs you and you have no idea what to do. 

This episode was produced by Beth Gibson. Music by Chris Zabriskie. Theme music by Brian Senti.




Episode 12:

Nat and Kim

We released this episode on the day gay marriage became (pretty much) legal in Australia. This one is for all the people who voted YES and a worthwhile message for anyone who didn't.

Thanks to Kim and Nat for sharing their story with us.

This episode was produced by Beth Gibson with help from Irit Pollak. Music by Chris Zabriskie and Lee Rosevere. Theme music by Brian Senti.


right here 02.png

Episode 11: 
Right Hear 02

The Right Hear Experiment is a series of conversations with people our listeners might not normally spend time with.

In this episode we scratch the surface of what it's like to be religious – how faith can inform everything from waking up in the morning to voting preferences and how accepting difference inside one's faith can be more challenging than anything else. Theme music by Brian Senti.


Episode 10: Introducing:

Love, Canberra

We're shaking things up and bringing you an episode from one of our favourite Aussie podcasts, Evana Ho's Love, Canberra. This ep is all about George, who for nearly 10 years didn't leave his bedroom.



 Episode 09: Leon

"People aren't just violent for the sake of violence. It's the product of something." - Leon

Visual response by Justin Wolfers


Episode 08: The right hear experiment 

The Right Hear Experiment is not about winning an argument. It's about finding out what happens when we break open echo chambers through an act that is so simple but ofteny forgotten – listening.

Visual response by James Brown




Introducing our new PP co-producer, Beth Gibson

Photograph supplied by Beth Gibson


Episode 07: Breasted Experience


Independent producer Beth Gibson takes over this episode of Private Parts to feel out different kinds of breasted experiences.

Visual response by Tess Dawson


Blowing out the candles with my papa at Shabbat dinner

Episode 06: Intergen Friendships

Have you got one?

Photograph supplied by Irit's nana



Episode 05:More to come Part 02 


A celebration of female masturbation. In Part 02 hear about the tech and tips behind honing it.

Original illustration by Ellen Porteus


Episode 04: More to come Part 01

A celebration of female masturbation. In Part 01 women in their 20's, 30's, 60's and 90's speak about finding it.

Original illustration by Nicky Minus


Episode 03: Emily Hunt

Emily Hunt is a Sydney based artist, mother, mate and partner. She speaks to Private Parts about the ways both childhood and motherhood inform her practice.

Photograph supplied by Emily Hunt


Episode 02: Mooncups

What's the deal?

Video response by Elin Andersson



Episode 01: Old Mate

Private Parts looks at the evolution and mystery of an Australian icon; the word 'mate'.

Visual response by Georgia Perry